Week 22 – Day 0

New week, and let’s start off with a little bump pic update seeing as it’s been a while. 

There’s a bit more there right? I can definitely feel more than before. Some days it’s a soft drumming and last night was like kicking and punching for dear life. Even Dave got some really good kicks! 

We had another check up and everything seems to be developing good! I really really hope that it just continues to go well. We signed up to pre-natal classes as well starting early September! Not quite sure what to expect from that but will keep an open mind. 

On a more annoying note, the rash on my legs is being very stubborn? Sort of settling down and coming back again all the time… Not sure what’s causing it still or what to do about it :/


Week 21 – Day 4

Apparently pregnancy rash it a thing… Yet another unexplained thing that only women go through. It came from nowhere when I was in the shower, only on the back of my right calf. It itched like crazy and then it was gone… The annoying thing is that for the short duration that it was there I scratched it like crazy, so now my skin is all sore 😦

Week 5 – Day 5

This is going to sound insanely strange, but the skin on my head and face feels thinner and super sensitive? It’s sore as if someone has stretched it out… does that even make sense? Like, my face hurts when I touch it. So far I have kept myself form googling this phenomena, I’m convinced I don’t need to read more about what’s “normal” or not.

In other news, yesterday’s nausea seems to have been another one off. If the pattern is once every third morning then I can totally come to terms with that. Everything else is normal. Had a great climbing session yesterday, and planning my weekend run tomorrow as usual. All is good!